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partes de humanos

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The tricky thing if you’re an aspiring filmmaker is, I think, if you’re young and particular the danger is always being clever. That cleverness is a facility some of us have and we like to show off and show off how smart we are, it’s a very dangerous kind of seduction because, it’s sort of like when you have an answering machine and you leave a clever message and after a little while you get a little tired of it, you know, it doesn’t have much staying power. The issue is, what is it you’re in love with? What is it that compels you? What is it when you’re alone and you’re not with all your cool and hip friends, what is it that really stirs you? That’s the stuff. You know that’s going to be compelling. What is it that embarrasses you, that you fear to expose about yourself, your feelings about others or about the world in which you live? It’s those intimate feelings that one has that I think bear the best fruit for you.

Todd Solondz (x)

(really good advice for young creatives I feel, or for me anyway, I shouldn’t feel ashamed about not intellectualising my work and instead focusing on feelings and human experience)

just wanted to reblog my fav quote

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Josh Bowe

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"Le Petite Soldat" ~ (1963)

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George Nakashima bathroom.

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The Black Keys - In Time

Really loving this album.

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And since then I have not regained consciousness, and I never will.

Venedikt Erofeev, from Moscow to the End of the Line, translated by H. William Tjalsma

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