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Werkschau HTW – found in Prenzlauer Berg

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white person eating ass: “this is so spicy”

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I remember reading this book on mythology—like, the mythropes in writing—and it blew my mind that all of that mythology is basically men writing about men and great myths for men, of which there are so many. And then there are only a handful of myths about women and they’re also written by men, so you start to realize that so much of storytelling has been lost in male perspective and you’re either Persephone—innocent, naive, and kidnapped by Hades into the underworld and has to be rescued; or you’re like Athena—unapproachable, vicious and there’s no gradient. And for me, it’s an amazing thing to begin to think about what it means to tell feminine mythology because it needs to be invented, it doesn’t exist; and also, what does inherently feminine storytelling and structure look like?

— Brit Marling for Violet Magazine
Interview here starting pg. 202 (via pambeesly)

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Siza Vieira

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Leon Chew

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Vínekrurnar uppeftir öllu…

Sara Vilbergs

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Kim Yoonshin: We’re ready to work!

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Photograph by Le Corbusier, 1907

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watercolor from today’s figure drawing that I actually liked

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